r u 4 real doe

Are you cute?

I can’t tell.

I don’t know if your eyes are really that green

Or if it’s cause

I’m a little blind

From the tears

Of lonely New York nights.

Are you funny?

Or more importantly,

Do you think I’m funny?

I would like to think you’re actually

Rolling on the floor laughing



Laughing your fucking ass off



rolling on the floor laughing your ass off


But I’m a bit skeptical

Because it’s been so long

Since someone




Are you really not an asshole?

Or a serial murderer

Or rapist

I apologize for asking

I don’t go around shouting that

All men are the same

But somewhere between

The first time I bled

And my first kiss

I developed a pretty fucked up attitude

About the world in general

Not just you.


I watch way too much law and order.


Are you for real doe????

You sound too good to be true.


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NYU 2017. I want to write and design. And write, and design, and fight for social justice. But I am currently doing none of the following in college so in the midst of an identity crisis.

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