The come-up

I saw him from about 10 feet away as I turned into another street. He was walking towards me. He was wearing those glasses — the ones you can never tell if they are prescription or just hipster and he had long brown hair falling just over his shoulders. I already knew what would happen. We would walk forward and end up about a foot within each other and I would move left and he would move right (his right) and I would move right and he would move left (his left) and then I would smile at the foolishness of the situation and he would smile at the foolishness of the situation and I would notice that he had a great smile and my smile would change from a normal smile to a half blush half smile smile and I would giggle and he would giggle and we would just keep smiling and going left and right  until one of us realizes that we have class in 5 minutes and we can’t be late cause of shit like this and then finally he would stand aside and allow me to pass.
And what would happen after that would be that I would look back as he walks away and smile and throughout the day, I would remember his smile and blush and I would be tricked into thinking that not all boys, no men, no boys and men were not horny asshole motherfuckers who will fuck you over and I would reconsider falling in love again.
So, I swerved to the left way before, crossed the road and avoided all that bullshit.


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