I think I finally wrote a suitable “about me.”

You know it.
Twitter. Facebook. Hell even wordpress. Not snapchat cause no one really cares who you are — they just want boob pics and funny videos. But yeah tinder also! They all have the about me, the descriptions, the who are yous which everybody either tries to fill up with something clever and succeeds, tries to fill with something clever and fails retreating to the trite age, school and major, fills with a song lyric, or adjectives and nouns (I’m a bad bitch, god lover, Christian mom) or occasionally someone is able to actually sum up who they are on less than (120?) characters. I think I’m almost there. I still have the major, future goals what not but soon! Now, here it is!

I guess there’s a faint moment when people think I’m cool and awesome and mysterious (cause I love fashion and have a strange non emo affinity for wearing black) but then I trip on the flat ground in flats and dispel that illusion as quickly as it was created.

Also kind of a nerd, somewhat smart and a wannabe coder designer and writer. ”



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