We only become the best people when we die.



If I died today

People would talk.

They’d talk about my potential and how good I couldabeen,

If the cruel hands of death hadn’t taken me away.


They’d say it was a shame and how “oh she coulda been.”

She coulda been a writer her mind flowed with ideas

She coulda been a teacher her wisdom exceeded heryears.

She coulda been billionaire…an African woman on Forbes

She coulda been a mother, a wife and so much more.


She coulda done so much and been good at it too.

Cause in high school she shone so bright, she was one of the few.

She was the one to watch. The one to emulate.

She was the one to be successful the one to be great.

Yes, they’ll all gather around my grave and in themidst of the tears and mourning

They’ll say she coulda been the one as…

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NYU 2017. I want to write and design. And write, and design, and fight for social justice. But I am currently doing none of the following in college so in the midst of an identity crisis.

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